Planning is by far the most important first step in any project. We consider the access to the site, vehicular and pedestrian, and ensure this is located correctly from our initial design ideas. Our designs will work with the topography as much as possible to ensure the most efficient site works for each site and explain this to our clients as we develop ideas. The consultants OCO connect our clients to ensure site levels are all confirmed through their consent documentation and surveyors.


Design is everything. Without a good design that responds to your brief and that is aesthetically/ proportionally correct, then regardless of how much time, money and effort that is put in to the project the finished product can only be as good as it’s initial design. OCO will give you a design that is worth the energy required to take it to a finished product.


At OCO we can help guide you to the best consultants specific to your particular project, from surveyors to engineers, draughts people and planners as required. We offer connections to builders who can accurately price our designs. You can then check that budgets align with designs, giving you the confidence to move forward with a great design that suits your budget requirements.